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  • Join the VirtualLINE

    Southern California is experiencing a COVID-19 surge. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Wait where you want. Join Exer’s VirtualLINE in 4 easy steps.

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Join the virtual line by selecting a location below, unless you need a routine COVID-19 test. Only for patients without any symptoms or direct exposure. You will not see a doctor.

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Move freely and wait wherever you want.

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Get text updates on your place in line.

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Get notified when it’s almost your turn and come to Exer to be seen by an Exer provider.

Scroll down to select your location.*

*Excludes Lakewood and Orange County clinics.


Los Angeles is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 testing.

Demand is surpassing capacity at many of our Exer locations.

This has caused some of our locations to drive longer than normal wait times or close the line early due to reaching our maximum capacity for the day.  

How can I find out if you take my insurance BEFORE I wait in the line?

Your first text message in the virtual line will have a link to the insurances Exer takes.

Can I watch my spot in the virtual line?

Your first text in the virtual line will include a link so that you can easily track your position in line. You will also receive several text messages updating your status in line.

Why do I have to wait in the virtual line and then still have to register and wait again?

The virtual line replaces standing in a long line to register at the center. We try to minimize the time you spend waiting to see a provider after you’ve register but it is dependent upon the individual needs of patients currently in exam rooms (ex. stitches, broken bones, chest pain).

Why do I have to wait so long when I hardly see any patients in the clinic?

The virtual line allows patients to wait in the comfort and safety of their own homes rather than a crowded reception area. While you may not see them, there are likely other patients in exam rooms.

What if I am not comfortable waiting in the lobby after I register?

Please let the Front Desk know and you are welcome to wait outside or in your car.

COVID-19 has been around for 18 months so why don’t you have enough staff so that the wait is shorter?

COVID has seen significant surges and ebbs throughout the pandemic. We are simply unable to double or triple the number of staff waiting in case there is a new surge.